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Mentoplasty: chin augmentation plastic surgery

As an adjunct to cutting-edge procedures such as facelift, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty offered at the Zamarian Clinic, we also perform mentoplasty, chin augmentation plastic surgery (chin ) with solid silicone implant to improve the contour and natural profile of the face and neck. A small chin unbalances the balance of the face and neck, as well as promoting excess skin below the chin. In London mentoplasty, the silicone implant is placed inside the mouth through a minimally invasive procedure and restores harmony to the natural appearance of the face.

Dr. Zamarian can reshape and resize the chin region (chin) with a genioplasty to promote a more aesthetic appearance. He uses the most modern techniques for results with harmony and without visible scars. Contact our clinic to learn more about chinoplasty plastic surgery.

When is it indicated?

During the medical consultation with the plastic surgeon, some details of the face are evaluated, including the dentition. If the bite is balanced, without retrognathism (jaw backwards) or prognathism (jaw forward) and, even so, the patient has a disproportionately small chin, then chinoplasty is indicated. In these cases, the name of the deformity is hypomentonism (small chin), which is treated with a solid silicone prosthesis. The bite classification, which we use at the Zamarian Clinic, is Angle's.

For cases of significant prognathism or retrognathia, there is first the need for an orthognathic evaluation with a specialized dentist. According to his evaluation, he may indicate surgery to correct the position of the mandible, conservative orthognathic treatment (with the use of appliances), or not indicate any treatment, releasing for mentoplasty. It all depends on a global assessment of each patient.


The query

During the medical consultation with Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr., he will assess your dentition, bite, chin projection, and all important anatomical details for an adequate surgery according to your facial profile. In addition, in this consultation, the size of the chin implant to be used is chosen. In general, the implants used in women are number two, and in men, number three, according to the Silimed table, but the chosen size can be different, according to the needs of each case.


Dr. Zamarian requests the following preoperative exams in order to perform the genioplasty with maximum safety:


Dr. Zamarian performs the mentoplasty surgery under general anesthesia, providing comfort to the procedure, which lasts about 25 minutes, and the patient wakes up shortly thereafter.

The surgery

Dr. Zamarian performs a chin augmentation surgery through an incision in the oral cavity, between the gum and the lower lip. In this way, there are no visible external scars at the end of the mentoplasty recovery. After the incision, Dr. Walter Zamarian performs a detachment close to the bone, to create the space where the solid silicone implant will be positioned. He currently uses Silimed implants for mentoplasty, with sizes ranging from 1 to 3, smooth, which he models himself during surgery to adapt it to the anatomy of the mandible of each patient. Then the incision is closed with absorbable threads that do not need to be removed. An external micropore dressing is then placed to prevent movement of the silicone for the first five to seven days after the mentoplasty plastic surgery. All patients are instructed to maintain a liquid diet for five days and also to sleep on their back for a month. The breast augmentation surgery with silicone takes about twenty to thirty minutes and is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room, and the patient can be discharged on the same day, unless it is performed together with other major plastic surgeries.


The mentoplasty performed by Dr. Zamarian is inside the mouth, with an incision in the lower oral vestibule, resulting in the absence of external scars. Stitches are absorbable and do not need to be removed.


Right after the mentoplasty, there is a need for a liquid diet for five days, in order to avoid penetration of food into the incision and, subsequently, contamination from the surgery. After five days, the patient can already resume his normal diet, as soon as we remove the external dressing. A month without physical exercise and sleeping on your back is recommended, until healing allows you to sleep on your side and start walking and cycling. At two months, any physical effort can be carried out, as the swelling is much smaller, and that's when the patient returns for post-op photos. There is no need for special care of the scar inside the mouth, and Dr. Zamarian has never recorded any case of complications resulting from this surgery.

Lifetime of the chin silicone implant

In principle, chin surgery with solid silicone is a surgery that lasts a lifetime, since there is no need to change the chin implant, as it is not silicone gel, as in breast implants. Thus, silicone only needs to be removed in rare cases of bone erosion, which in most cases does not have major repercussions. In addition, when it becomes necessary to remove the silicone implant in this mentoplasty surgery, the capsule that forms around the silicone implant by itself already gives greater volume to the region, often without the need to reinsert another implant. implant or bone remodeling.

Does Dr. Zamarian use any method of fixing the silicone implant to the bone?

No. The method performed by Dr. Walter Zamarian in Londrina, Paraná, does not require the use of screws or other fixation methods. This is due to the fact that the space created for the silicone is tight, made in the size of the silicone. In addition, the dressing used in the postoperative period of mentoplasty for five to seven days immobilizes the region and, when it is removed, there is no more risk of implant migration due to the rapid healing that has already occurred. The fact that screws are not used in this surgery results in two benefits: the surgery becomes more economical and less risky for the patient, since extrusion (exposure of the screw) and infection of the region where the screws are fixed in the bone.

Are there other possibilities of mentoplasty, without silicone?

Yes. In fact, augmentation chinoplasty with a silicone implant is only performed in cases of hypomentonism (small chin). However, for both small and disproportionately large chin cases, the surgery can be performed without silicone, just sawing off the chin bone and repositioning it.

You can then perform bone advancement chinoplasty for hypomentonism, chin augmentation chin surgery for hypermentonism, and bone lateralization chinoplasty for cases of chin asymmetry, where one side is projected more than the other. other. In these cases, where there is a section of the bone and a new repositioning of it, there is a need for bone fixation. Dr. Zamarian opts for fixation using only steel wire, due to the lower rate of complications. It is worth remembering that these surgical options are much rarer than solid silicone genioplasty.

Is there another type of incision for a mentoplasty?

Yes, there is the external incision, just below the chin, which is not used by Dr. Zamarian.

Profiloplasty: the plastic surgery of the facial profile

It is more common than you think to associate rhinoplasty plastic surgery (nose plastic surgery) with mentoplasty plastic surgery (chin plastic surgery). The nose and chin are directly linked by the individual's profile, in addition to forming a very important set for the beautiful configuration of a face. This association is called profiloplasty, which basically consists of plastic surgery of the facial profile.

Profiloplasty plastic surgery can be performed when the patient is unhappy with their nose and chin set. Many times the patient thinks that his nose is too big (rhinomegaly), leaving him with an impaired profile. However, in fact, it was his chin that was pulled back too much, making his nose even more evident. The cases to be treated with profiloplasty plastic surgery are very peculiar, requiring a prior evaluation by the plastic surgeon.

A great advantage of plastic surgery of the profile is that it maintains the individual characteristics, changing very little the original physiognomy of the operator. The plastic surgery of profiloplasty only restores the lack of balance once it is verified in the face, promoting excellent results with small changes.

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