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Privacy and security policy

Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. is aware of how important it is for you to have information on the use of your personal data by our site walterzamarianjr.com. Therefore, he wants to disseminate the policy adopted for the use of this information.

This way, you will be able to understand best which information is obtained and how they are used. Spend some time reading this policy in order to take advantage of our site consciously and safely.

Which information is collected?

The site walterzamarianjr.com collects information on users from Google Analytics, whose data are used to know its users’ profile such as language, country, browser, pages visited, among others.

This site may use cookies to make your browsing more personalized.

We do not collect personal information from our users since there is no area for the creation of an account or registration.

Eventually some information on our users are sent by email such as photos and personal data and they are safely stored and not released to any type of media, medical article or plastic surgery congress without their previous written consent.

How is this information used?

Information collected on users of the site walterzamarianjr.com during browsing is used only for statistical studies and to constantly improve the site and its users’ experiences.

This information is confidential and will never be commercialized.


Dr. Zamarian is including a newsletter in the site walterzamarianjr.com and each user will be able to choose to register or not his/her email to receive our information periodically. We emphasize that e-mails provided by users are stored in our databank and will have their confidentiality preserved thus reaffirming our commitment to never disseminate or furnish this data to third parties.

Pictures used in this site

Plastic surgeon Walter Zamarian Jr. complies with the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery - SBCP - disposition that prohibits the use of before and after pictures. Therefore, the pictures used in the site are not the result of his surgeries or those of any other plastic surgeon. They are pictures of models, free of royalties, serving to illustrate the page and turn the user’s experience more interesting.

Texts included in this site

It is important to emphasize that all the texts in this site were written by Dr Zamarian Jr and are based on scientific studies and on his own practice. Such information can be used only for general knowledge and should never, and under any circumstance, be used as a substitute for a medical consultation. Dr. Zamarian emphasizes that much information refer to recommendations he makes to patients and that they may differ from other colleagues recommendations due to the individual conduct of each plastic surgeon and the particularities of each case.

It is also important to stress that these texts do not constitute absolute truth and that medicine and the physicians’ conduct are evolving constantly to include more recent knowledge on certain subjects than that being presented here.


This means that all texts on this site are the exclusive property of the author Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr., and he does not accept copies without prior notice and without proper authorization. If there is reproduction of part or all of the text in any page of this site on another website or media outlet, the offender is hereby aware to undergo appropriate legal action, according to the Copyright Law no. 9610 /1998.

Surgeries performed by other colleagues

Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. reserves the right make no comments, via email, on unsatisfactory results of surgeries performed by other colleagues. Emails sent by patients of other colleagues requesting a second opinion or recommendations via internet will be ignored.


Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. has no disclosures.


The regulator public organization of the medical activities perfomed by Dr. Walter Zamarian Jr. and of every medical doctor in the State of Paraná is CRM/PR. More information may obtained on its website: CRM/PR.

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