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We all have a part of our body we don’t really like, aesthetically speaking. Plastic surgery can improve the looks of several parts of our body, quite often with minimum scars. Body profile changes improve self esteem and have an impact on personal relationships as well as on the patient’s professional life. Dr. Zamarian has performed aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeries on patients in Londrina, Paraná, Brazil and abroad, with great expertise and skill, helping them to achieve their body contour aesthetic goals.


Liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery, mainly for being able to be performed along with practically any other surgery. In addition, liposuction leaves almost no scars and brings out highly attractive results. It is important to remember that it is a body modelling surgical procedure, not recommended for patients who need to lose weight.

Dr. Zamarian performs tumescent liposuction (with adrenaline to minimize blood loss) on several areas of the body: submental (double chin), arms, breasts (gynecomastia), abdomen, flanks, back, love handles, knees, the inner part of the thighs and others. During this surgical procedure, the limits of the body surface area going under liposuction must be respected as well as the amount of fat being removed.

Five days after liposuction, a manual lymphatic drainage may be performed and an endermologie treatment 10 days after the procedure, both essential to prevent fibrosis in the operated areas and to give a sensation of early relief by stimulating the lymph vessels.

Liposuction results can already be noticed on the following day, but there is some swelling. In three weeks’ time, a great deal of the swelling has already subsided, making it possible to appreciate the results even more. Nevertheless, Dr. Zamarian states that it may take up to two to six months for one to visualize the final result.

Tummy tuck

When a woman gets pregnant, the abdominal muscles retract to give room for the baby. In addition, the skin stretches and may develop stretch marks due mainly to hormonal changes. To minimize the consequences of these alterations in the female body, an abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck, is recommended.

This procedure includes an incision that goes from one iliac crest to the other and a detachment close to the muscle layer, to bring the rectus abdominis muscles together, for they where moved away during pregnancy. Finally, the extra skin and fat are removed, resulting in an abdomen with less flabbiness and volume. When necessary, it can be associated with abdomen and flank liposuction for better surgical results. An aspiration drain is placed on the pubic area and stays there for around seven days (Dr. Zamarian’s surgical routine). Postoperative care is similar to that provided for liposuction; however, the patient needs to bend forward when walking and avoid wearing high heels for one month.

Buttock augmentation

Sagging buttocks, or buttocks with no volume at all, can be highly bothersome. To improve the aspect of this region, Dr. Zamarian uses modern buttock augmentation techniques with silicone implants. This surgery takes little time (around one hour and a half), with an unnoticeable scar (between the gluteus) and with a fabulous result. Perhaps the only detail that may be uncomfortable is the fact that the patient cannot sit down for a month. Other than this, the procedure would certainly be more popular than breast silicone implants. Dr. Zamarian achieves great results with buttock implants surgery, and this procedure has become very popular in his clinic. The size of the implants may vary from 240 to 360 ml, according to his experience.

Calf implants

Calf implants plastic surgery is recommended to patients with legs too far apart or to those who just want to augment the size of their calves, especially in the medial aspect of the legs. It can also be recommended in cases of volume loss due to diseases sequelae such as traumatic spinal cord injury or poliomyelitis. It involves a small incision on the posterior face of the knee. Recovery is fast and painless. The calf implants are placed deep, below the fascia, a layer that recovers the muscles, conferring a natural and highly attractive result.

Arm lift

Brachioplasty is another name given to the arm lift plastic surgery. In some cases, a liposuction alone may bring the expected result, since some skin excess may retract after this procedure. However, for some patients, especially for those who were obese and lost lots of weight, arm flabbiness can be representative and liposuction alone cannot solve the problem. In these cases, skin removal may be associated with the liposuction for optimal results. Dr. Zamarian prefers arm lift with longitudinal skin removal (along the arm), since the other technique, removal of the skin of the armpit alone, does not bring the expected result, and it normally produces a hypertrophic scar. The skin removal carried out by Dr. Zamarian results in a scar from the armpit to the elbow, which me be inconspicuous. However, flabbiness treatment with this technique is highly efficient.

Thigh lift

Thighs may pose a problem to patients when they present excess fat or sagging skin, mainly on the proximal third, internal aspect. Excess fat is treated with liposuction. However, when there is excess skin, Dr. Zamarian removes it by either making an incision on the groin (which solves only the problem with the superior third) or an incision from the groin to halfway the thigh (which improves the superior half of the thigh). An incision from the groin to the knee is recommended to reduce flabbiness along the whole thigh. Lately, the most adopted thigh lifting procedure by Dr. Zamarian is the second, which can improve the superior half of the thigh, where flabbiness is most frequently found. The surgery lasts around two hours and a half and can be associated with liposuction for better results, especially when there is associated excess fat.


The labiaplasty is the surgical reduction of the labia minora (vaginal lips), a simple and painless procedure of fast recovery. Dr. Zamarian prefers the longitudinal removal of the skin, conferring an attractive and predictable result. In some cases, the removal of excess fat from the pubic area may be needed through liposuction. A fatty mons pubis bothers many women aesthetically, preventing them from wearing tight pants or a bikini.

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